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SonoScape is a high quality, technology company which has specialized in manufacturing and developing ultrasound systems and ultrasound transducers for many years. Supported by numerous innovative technologies, SonoScape’s introduces A6 as is a reliable and easy-to-use hand-carried, ultrasound system with high quality images comparable to high-end cart-based B/W ultrasound systems.
Appealing outline design, weighing only 6kg weight and comes with an optional mobile trolley, the A6 creates a comfortable working environment.
12-inch angle adjustable LCD, with two transducer sockets, the A6 minimizes streamlines your working fatigue workflow.
With advance B/W ultrasound technologies, abundant software packages and a series of high density probes, the A6 assists you in reaching new heights of various clinical applications.
Built-in Li-ion battery, with 3-hours of battery life, also supports point-of-care diagnosis (optional)
Compatible with a broad range of transducers, including AVI/JPEG, DICOM.
Convenient documentation abilities: USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM.
Compatible with a broad range of transducers, including 180 degree wide-angle endocavity probe