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Digital Radiography System For Veterinary Hospital

The VXR system provides your practice with instant high quality digital images of companion animals, eliminating the need for your darkroom, processor, chemicals and film, while minimizing labor costs and time. The GXR high frequency X-ray generator features excellent accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability. Fast kV rising time minimize unnecessary patient dose, and supply superior image quality.

Digital image receptor and imaging software of VXR system allows you to digitally enhance and annotate images, provides on-screen measurements and transmits images for referrals and consultations. VXR system comes complete with the Digital Imaging Receptor, X-Ray Table, computer workstation and a full software package.


- Superior Quality Images
- Cost-Effective Digital Solution and Wide dynamic range with 16-bit digitization
- Full resolution image acquisition within 10 seconds
- Dedicated 6, 9, 16 mega-pixel CCD camera armed with an ultra high speed optical system
- High resolution grid for digital radiography: 200lpi, 10:1 ratio
- Movable 4-way Tabletop
- X-Ray Tube: E7242X
- Toshiba (Focal spot size: 0.6/1.5mm, Anode heat storage: max 200kHU)
- 26ft (8m) Claymount High Voltage Cables
- GXR High-Frequency X-Ray Generator with excellent performance
- Manual Collimator with 30 seconds lamp timer
- Convenient Service Access
- High performance PC workstation with 20” LCD monitor
- Additional diagnostic 23” LCD monitor
- Mini-PACS software: Server & Viewer
- Buckle fastener for animal holding
- Automatic APR selection by registration of projection step in imaging software (VXR-9M)
- Provide generator control function on imaging software (VXR-9M)


-DC Power Supply Unit for X-ray generator in case of insufficient line power
-UPS for Workstation


Software & Dimension

QXvue (VXR-9M/C9M) / MAXXvue (VXR-6M/C6M)

▪ Microsoft windows based interface.
▪ Image process parameters are selectable to maximize the preset algorithms.
▪ DICOM 3.0 standard compliance.
▪ Full resolution image within 10 seconds.
▪ A variety of post image processing including tissue equalization, sharpening, auto-
crop and window leveling.
▪ Delivers improved outcomes for veterinary institutions.
▪ Preview function and Denoise, Lookup, Gamma, ROI