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GXR Diagnostic X-ray System for Digital Era

The newly designed GXR diagnostic X-ray system provides an analogue radiographic room that perfectly fits your workflow and budget, which can be easily upgraded to DR system with the help of DR interface and PC interface in the generator as well as Bucky suitable to Flat Panel Detector. DRGEM’s GXR X-ray system is equipped with a high frequency X-ray generator which consistently produces high quality images based on high quality X-ray output with a very small kV ripple and accurate mA and timer control. GXR X-ray system is designed for operator and patient comfort with the moving components specially designed to reduce electromechanical lock noise. Experience the quality, durable and user-friendly operation for all applications with the GXR X-ray system!

Premium Series

Feature 1

ACQUIDR - DR Upgrade Solution

ACQUIDR is the digital imaging system composed of a digital Flat Panel Detector(FPD) and an imaging workstation with software.
The digital FPD and fully featured imaging software with excellent digital image processing meets most of needs in diagnostic digital radiographic field.


• DR upgrade solution by retrofit
• Portable and Wireless FPD DR solution for maximum flexibility in virtually all general radiographic specialties
• Portable and wireless detector fits into most existing analogue x-ray system
• Faster workflow after DR upgrade.
• Easy to interface with any kind of x-ray generator

Feature 2

Remote Diagnosis


- Tomography
- Table Bucky auto tracking
- line Laser
- Lateral cassette holder
- WBS external cassette holder
- Handgrips (Tabletop, WBS - Chest, Overhead)
- Tube stand column rotation by electrical release
- WBS-TM (Manual Tilting)- 23 inch Touch Screen Console